Commodore,   Pat Quirk

Vice Commodore,  Art Leahon

Secretary,   Bill Broderick

Treasurer,  Rob Williams

Financial Secretary,  Aileen Lawton

Dockage and Storage,  Ron Trefzger

Building and Grounds,  Mitch Neary

House,  Andrew Alessi

Social Director , Steven Rivers    



Gas and diesel at reasonable prices

Self-serve mast stepping with a remote controlled gin pole

$55 for the 1st mast $30 for the 2nd.

Fuel and dockage deals for 2021 

Transient dockage is $2.00 per foot per day with the 8th day free

$1.50 per foot for up to 2 days with mast stepping or a 50 gal  fuel purchase

Moorings are $30 per night, Boats must be occupied